2015 Alumni Honour Society Inductee Ceremony: University of Lethbridge. I will be honoured with this years Distinguished Alumni Award for my design work.

Prague Quadrennial: Prague, Czech Republic I will be attending the PQ this year, presenting some of my portfolio.  The PQ is an international theatre design event.

A Few Good Men-by A. Sorkin. I am excited to be involved with Keyano Theatre this fall, designing costume for their first show of the season.  

I have been a professional scenic and costume designer for more than a decade. The Theatre has been a passion all my life.  Though I have been a performer, my true love is the creation of the visual experience through design.  I tend towards the abstract sculptural, and look to each new project as a chance to encounter the architecture as a character.

I was lucky this season  to create set and costume for this charming production by director Sharon Peat.  I can now say I have designed farm animals!  Spiders and geese and pigs...oh my!

Lisa Doolittle and her cast created this touching, and entertaining movement piece which explored the triumphs and challenges of people with special needs in our community.

A few people have been asking to see this presentation video of my work on Hamlet for the U of Lethbridge. 

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This set was a unique challenge due to the need for three distinct interior settings per act, with the set changes occurring in view of the audience.